5" Gauge - Black 5
3130 Expansion Link Inner PlateGauge Plate4£6.76
14121Axle Box Kit you make bearing and silver solder itCR4 Steel6£3.02
449Bogie Bolster NestedCR4 Steel1£8.05
3618Cab RoofCZ108 Half Hard Brass1£18.93
1250Cab Roof KitZintec1£12.24
1248Cab SideZintec2£9.03
3617Cab SideCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£15.08
3991Cab Support Brackets (Pair)CR4 Steel1£2.89
4390Combination Lever (Needs machining and bending)S275 Steel2£3.65
1556Con rod for #44767 with Stephenson gearS275 Steel2£9.93
1174Connecting RodS275 Steel2£9.93
3892Coupled Wheel Balance WeightCR4 Steel8£2.24
160Drag BeamCR4 Steel1£5.80
1645Drag Box KitCR4 Steel1£18.34
147Driving Axle Stay ACR4 Steel1£6.39
158Driving Axle Stay BCR4 Steel1£5.24
3891Driving Wheel Balance weightCR4 Steel4£2.32
4392Eccentric Rod Blank (6mm)S275 Steel2£2.18
16258Eccentric rod with extended endS275 Steel2£2.20
372Equaliser FrameCR4 Steel4£4.14
539Expansion Link Bracket and Motion Plate Girder KitCR4 Steel2£13.83
3132Expansion Link CoversCR4 Steel4£3.12
152Front BogieCR4 Steel2£8.49
159Front Buffer BeamCR4 Steel1£6.39
1175Front Coupling RodS275 Steel2£9.50
3992Gussets (Pair)CR4 Steel1£2.89
149Horizontal StayCR4 Steel1£5.92
14029Hork kit, tabbed and sloted to silver solderCR4 Steel12£2.52
552HornstayS275 Steel6£2.84
148Leading StayCR4 Steel1£8.46
444Left Hand main Frames no hornblock holes spottedCR4 Steel1£36.36
16169Lift arm you make boss for centreCR4 Steel4£1.30
18180Loco Brake Shaft Trunnion KitCR4 Steel1£2.65
15606Loco Front Run Board Piece Tabbed and slottedCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£4.12
15603Loco Front Step Kit (Note 1.2mm our design)CR4 Steel2£2.70
15605Loco Front Valance Piece Tabbed and slottedCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£3.24
12611Loco horn kit to silver solderCR4 Steel12£2.13
15604Loco Rear Step Kit (Note 1.2mm our design)CR4 Steel2£2.80
150Motion Plate StayCR4 Steel1£6.16
5072Perspex Cab Windows (One side one spec plate)Clear Perspex2£3.70
4391Radius Rod Blank(Needs silver soldering 6mm Plate)S275 Steel2£3.58
15447Reach Rod KitS275 Steel1£6.00
1176Rear Coupling RodS275 Steel2£8.85
1994Rear Coupling rod for extended framesS275 Steel2£9.39
376Rear Tender Box StretcherCR4 Steel1£14.87
4389Return CrankS275 Steel2£2.89
16170Reverser Arm You make bosses for endsCR4 Steel1£1.30
2281Reverser Body ShieldCR4 Steel1£3.77
2282Reverser HandleS275 Steel1£2.92
2280Reverser StoolCR4 Steel1£6.26
443Right Hand Main Frames No Hornblock holes markedCR4 Steel1£36.36
15609Running Board Cab End Incl Splasher Our designCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£0.00
15608Running Board Our design slotted to fit on jobCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£0.00
3990Running Board Support Bracket (Pair)CR4 Steel2£2.89
15610Running Board Support Bracket Our DesignCR4 Steel4£0.00
547Smokebox Support FrameCR4 Steel1£15.37
1247Spectacle PlateZintec1£8.66
3619Spectacle PlateCZ108 Half Hard Brass1£16.64
9615Spring Hanger Bracket Kit to S/S(Our Design 2.5mm)CR4 Steel12£0.00
16552Tender Brake Shaft Carrier Bracket Needs ! x 16551CR4 Steel2£2.00
16551Tender Brake Shaft Carrier Bracket Needs 2 x 16552CR4 Steel1£3.02
412Tender Frame StretchersCR4 Steel2£8.32
373Tender FramesCR4 Steel2£24.66
410Tender Front BeamCR4 Steel1£6.60
402Tender Front Box Kit ACR4 Steel1£18.96
401Tender Front Box Kit BCR4 Steel1£13.63
16558Tender Front Lower step Dimpling Jig for RiveterCR4 Steel1£3.25
16556Tender Front Step Back Plate High DetailCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£2.97
407Tender Front StepsCR4 Steel2£4.16
16557Tender Front Steps High DetailCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£2.32
16559Tender Front Upper step Dimpling Jig for RiveterCR4 Steel1£2.89
403Tender Guard IronCR4 Steel2£2.27
411Tender Inner Frame StretcherCR4 Steel2£6.82
405Tender Inner Frame Stretcher Outer PiecesCR4 Steel2£2.84
374Tender Inner FramesCR4 Steel2£18.64
404Tender Inter StayCR4 Steel4£4.99
1557Tender outrigger (Pair)CR4 Steel5£2.08
409Tender Rear buffer beamCR4 Steel1£6.85
16560Tender Rear Step Back Plate High DetailCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£3.12
408Tender Rear StepsCR4 Steel2£4.16
16561Tender Rear Steps High DetailCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£2.65
16562Tender Rear Steps Lower Dimple Jig for RiveterCR4 Steel1£3.12
16563Tender Rear Steps Upper Dimple Jig for RiveterCR4 Steel1£2.68
6684Tender Spring Buckle Kit Silver Solder(Need 6684)S275 Steel6£2.24
6683Tender Spring Socket Kit Silver Solder(Need 6684)CR4 Steel6£1.81
16168Union LinkS275 Steel2£2.65
15607Valance Tabbed and slotted our designCZ108 Half Hard Brass2£0.00
151Weigh Shaft StayCR4 Steel1£7.88
541Weighshaft Bracket rear supportCR4 Steel2£4.26
1249Window FramesCZ108 Half Hard Brass1£15.46
All prices plus postage and packing at cost, plus VAT.